I Know in Whom I Trust…


Im so grateful for these tender mercies Ive seen during these days, if everything goes well have a baptism this saturday, so Im grateful that the Lord has given me this opportunity to not let my thoughts stray from my focus as a missionary and to just help these two girls make covenants with our Heavenly Father, These days have been lots of reflecting on how the Lord has molded me and shaped me. I think about the trials that Ive had here and I am so grateful for each and every one, because I can now see what the Lord saw. When I felt so alone and He helped me realize that He is always there. Or when I would get frustrated with myself because I felt like I couldnt do anything He helped me realize that by myself maybe i cant do much but with His help theres so much more that I can do. I feel like at this point in my mission im standing on a hill looking back on these past 2 years and seeing all of the trials and problems and wondering how i made it this far and thats when I see the hand of the Lord and see the tender mercies He put in my path to keep going. I feel like now im looking forward and i see even more hills even more trials to conquer and even more fears to face, but you know what, Im not afraid now, because I know in whom I trust. That is the greatest thing Ive learned these past 2 years; what it truly means to rely on the Lord and trust in Him. He is my Guide, He is my God, and He is my Father. Im so grateful for this time I have to serve Him and my brothers and sister in this beautiful land. Im so grateful for you mom, and for all of the sacrifices you made to help us grow. I love you so much mom, please send my love to everyone! Ill see you on the other side, Ill be the one with the badge and tie!

Con todo mi amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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