Out with the Bad In with the Good

Hey! So super awesome week this week, we started off teaching Zulema, she is so awesome. We taught them outside because their house is really small, and it like got cold randomly, so she went inside and then came out wearing a snapback, it was so funny and so cute because shes like a tiny old grandma, and shes just listening to us with a DC snapback it was awesome. She told us she has always been looking for something more in her life, so she has gotten to know a lot of different churches, shes been baptized like 4 times, and so we talked about the priesthood authority and she understood it so well, and said that her baptisms werent done by people who had the priesthood and that they basically just bathed her, shes amazing and says she already knows that this is the true church, and is already sending the missionaries to her childrens houses so that they can learn, she has already accepted to be baptized we just have to wait for the papers for her marriage to come in so that she can be baptized.

Also this week we found out jenny benites is pregnant! They are so excited and are doing reallly well, awesome miracle this week: So La Favorita is really interestring because lots of the neighborhoods here were made because people just randomly built houses on random spots of land. So theres this new neighborhood thats being made, and lots of antonio and jennifers family are going to be living there, so last night we got to help alot of them, first we had to clear the land from all of the dirt and trash that there was, then we will be able to start to help them build. And helping them yesterday was so awesome because i realized here I am with people i dont know too  well, taking out all of this trash, and I am so happy. It was so much fun to help them because theres just like so much hope there. Because they are people who just want a new start. And that is the most beautiful part  of the gosepl is that it does that same, repentance through the atonement helps us take out all of the dirt and trash that we accumulate because of our imperfection, and then brick by brick the Lord helps edify us to become something so much greater. I was thinking a lot about where I was when I started the mission, and who I am now, and I am so grateful that the Lord has taken the time and continues to take the time to help me grow. I am so grateful for the wonderful peopple here in La Favorita, and soooooo grateful for the time I have left to serve them here,I am so grateful for this gospel and so grateful for my savior Jesus Christ and the love i feel from Him everyday. I love you all so much!
Con todo mi amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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