The Tender Mercies that Keep us Moving

Life has been so good, time is flying incredibly fast. Last week we received a referral for a lady who is going to marry a member in the ward, He is like 60  something years old, and she is too, they’re just like this cute little old couple, her name is Zulema, and she has so much faith. She has studied so many religions but has never really found what she’s looking for, it was a huge tender mercy to teach her, she is definitely prepared and she went to church on Sunday! She said everything is very new for her but she is so humble and willing to learn so I’m really excited to continue teaching her!

We’ve just seen lots of tender mercies this week, like a sister in the ward whose health has gotten better, a young man who is sharing the gospel with all of his friends, just lots of little miracles that has helped us know that the Lord is truly aware of all of us. I love this work so much I love you all sorry so short this week! Elder Martinez says hi and sends a hug your way! I love you so much mom! Please send my love to everyone!
Con Amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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