Light the Fire

Mom, awesome week this week! A couple weeks ago we visited the relief society president and invited her to open the mouth and share her testimony with a friend, she did it, and we were able to teach her frien yanina! Super awesome lesson, yanina is definitely prepared, and has a lot of real intent, shes already readin the book of mormon, and shes got hermana leal (RS Pres) there to help her, we are also teaching jennifers brothers and sisters theyre doing super well, reading and praying to see if the book of mormon is true. Lots of just really cool small miracles this week. Another tender mercy was we had like no money on us, jhust like a few coins to buy bread, so we went to a familythats like really less active that all os the members said they are like super bitter and dont want anything from the church, but we went anyways to buy bread from them, they gave us a dozen for free, and invited us to lunch this week, and the son came to church with another member this sunday! Just lots of awesome things happening here!

The Benites familys been doing really well they set the goal to finish the Book of Mormon together and theyre just whizzing through 1Nefi, they told us that they love it because they are learning so much and its hard to pt down. I was thinking the other day about a frase i saw in the grafitti the other day, that said teachinng a child is not filling a cup with water, its lighting a fire. Its so true with this gospel, as missionaries we are not teaching anything new to them, these people already accepted jesus christ before they came to this earth and we are only helpng them re kindle that fire. Its so beautiful seeing when someone truly understands the doctrine and just seeing that light in their eyes as they keep the commandments, its amazing. SO im excited to be able to leep finding and teaching, and lighting that fire to help my brothers and sisters here come unto Christ. I know this gospel is true and i know this work is real and truly saves. I love you all so much!
Con amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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