Father’s Day 2016

IMG_0934 (2)
Father’s Day was super good, we had to talk because there were no speakers and i prayed about what to talk about, and i talked about our Dad and the things he taught me, the most important thing he taught me was what it means to have a testimony and live it, i talked about the moments i would see dad praying personally seeking counsel and how seeing yours and his example helped me gain my own testimony, it was really emotional too, the spirit was super strong. And during the last prayer i was thinking about Lord of the Rings at the end when frodo is in bed and all of his friends come in and its just so emotional because of all of the things they went through, and how joyful it was to be reunited with them again. I was like really sad, and im still really sad that i have to leave the mission, but then i realized i have a family waiting for me, I have loved ones that await me with open arms, and i realized like thats what life is like, we really dont know how long well be here, but we know that our Heavenly Parents are waiting for us on the other side and that all of this is a part of a plan, i loved going through the temple because it was a little glimpse of eternty and what it will be like to have all of us together for ever. Its just like the mission we have to work hard to reach our goals, and I love you and every member of our family to much to let you guys go so im excited for us to work hard and work together so that we can have an eternal family.
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