My Chains Are Gone

This week has been amazing, we have been busy preparing the Benites for their baptism, everything was going super well, and then they got married on Friday and we had their baptism programmed on saturday, so after their wedding they  had their baptismal interview, and unfortunately they didnt pass. Apparently they had to have an interview with the President Goates counselor, to see if they could be baptized.

They were sad and afraid they werent going to be able to be baptized, but then Jenny said no matter what happens that she was willing to repent for her past sins no matter how long it takes, she was going to be baptized because she knew it was what she needed to do. So we all prayedc like crazy that night and the next morning they had their interview, and they passed i talked to the counselor after and he said they are two people who have truly repented of their sins.
Antonio told me he felt so relieved like his burden had finally been lifted, and they were able to be truly cleaned later that day. So funny story the water was freezing cold, and its like winter, but they got baptized anyway, and we felt bad because we thought they might get hipothermia or something, and while we were changing antonio told me, it doesnt matter how cold it was or anything like that because that was the best decision he has ever made. After they shared their testimonies and the spirit was so strong that day.
I think the most beautiful part was seeing that forgiveness we truly receive by repenting. My favorite song to listen here on the mission is byu noteworthys version of “amazing grace-my chains are gone” I am more than blessed to be able to help my brothers and sisters here truly come unto the only one who can save. I know that Jesus Christ lives and i know the healing power of his atonement is real, im so grateful to be here, i love you all so much. Please send my love to everyone.
Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson
Wedding Day Familia Benites…
IMG_0847 (1)
IMG_0854 (1)
IMG_0850 (2)
IMG_0861 (1)
IMG_0863 (1)

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