Building Houses and Testimonies


So this week has been a huge week of miracles. So first off jenny and antonio have a date to be married on the 10th of june! That in itself was a huge miracle because jenny went to the courthouse to set up a date but the were like full and she wasnt gonna be able to get married until a little while later, but right in that moment a girl walks in and says shes not gonna be able to get married on the date that she had planned, and wanted to give up her spot, and it just happened to be for the 10th of june, the day right before we have their baptism set up.
Also they have been keeping up with the calendar and are doing super well, they are reading and we taught them the word of wisdom, we taught him and talked about daniel and the blessings he received from keeping the word of wisdom in the bible, and the next day his family tried to get him to drink and he stood firm and said he wouldn’t do it! Then yesterday night we had FHE with the whole ward and they went and had a lot of fun! The members have been so helpful in making them feel welcome. And i was just thinking about how much quicker the work progresses when all of us, members and missionaries work together in this great work! This is the lords work and this is his way of doing it! Im so blessed to be here, i wake up everyday and im just happy because I know we are a part of something so much bigger than us. I love you all so much, and invite you to be attentive to the little opportunities we have everyday to share the gospel! I love you all so much please send my love to everyone!
con mi amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson
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