To Begin Again

This has been a really uplifting week! Elder Texeira from the 70 came and we had an awesome conference with him and his wife, they talked a lot about how it is important that we help the investigators prepare for baptism and he we have to make that known to everyone, that we have been called by a prophet of God to help people make covenants with our Heavenly Father, I learned a lot.

Lately we have been praying super hard for the familia Benitez so we taught them and committed them to be baptized the 11th of June! They talked about how they know they need to take this step because they want a new start , they want to turn a new page and just begin again. So they are getting ready to get married so we are super excited! We even made them a calendar with scriptures and things they can do everyday to continue going strong so that they can be prepared for their baptism! The familia arce is doing well, things are going by so fast i feel like theres never time to do everything i want to do, but just taking everything as it comes!
My comp and I are doing great! Hes awesome! Very humble guy, so i hope we continue to see some great miracles! I hope everyone at home is well! I love you all so much!
Con Amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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