Transfers…Saying Good-Bye to Elder Martinez

IMG_0543My new comp is great his name is Elder Simon from Chubut Argentina! Which is cool because for him its like the exact same culture so he doesn’t have too much trouble adjusting. Its weird to think he’s my last comp, but we are working are butts off, the families are doing great!, Rodrigo and his family are doing well, they didn’t come to church but last time we talked to them they were doing really well, Jennifer and Antonio Benitez are doing good, they are trying to get ready to get married but Antonio has been falling back on alcohol, but he’s trying so jennie has asked us to work with him, so its been good because they are friends with like everyone in the ward, which is so key, there is so much more of a difference in the process of conversion when these people know they don’t have to do this alone.

Elder Martinez nat was actually sad saying goodbye to him, i was like nervous because i thought wow did i teach him everything he needs to know, i wanted to be the one to continue to help him, i felt like you mom, i didn’t want to send him off to another area because i was nervous for tough comps or like stuff like that, so it was cool to get a small taste of what that must be like for parents, trusting in the Lord, I and knowing he will take care of them.
Yesterday we had family home evening with the ward and it was awesome! The Benitez went and had a good time, i was just sitting there thinking about how special this ward is, because of the members here, yesterday i asked Hermana Rodriguez (My 2nd mom here) where i could buy the mate cups engraved, because i wanted to buy some for my comps who are still alive, and she went out like super early this morning in the rain and got it done. Literally everyone has offered to give us food, and help, its a ward that has lots of love, so I’m so grateful that i have the opportunity to serve here with them.
I just want you to know mom, how blessed we are, and how much the Lord is taking care of us, I am so grateful for this time i have to serve the Lord, it breaks my heart to think all of this one day will end, but im so grateful for these next few months i have to give everything to the Lord. i love you so much mom, and want to thank you for your example of righteousness, Please send my love to everyone.
with all my love,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson
Me and elder martinez
antonio and jenifer benitez
rodriguez family
Elder Simno and I
IMG_0594 (1)

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