To Strengthen Our Foundation

IMG_0208This has been a great week! It has been a little complicated because we had to postpone our activity that we had planned, but the good news is were gonna have it this week! We are gonna have like a cultural fair, with another ward where we are going to have 9 countries and 9 stands representing each country with food from there and stuff like that so it should be super fun! The countries are: Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, USA, Brasil and Peru! So we are really excited for that! The familia Benitez is doing well. They have had a lot of work, and family outings so they haven’t really been home, but we’ve been calling them, and they are reading their assignments from the BOM, Antonio has been reading like double, so we have plans to teach them this week! Rodrigo and his family are doing great! He looks a lot better just a lot happier and he told me its because they’re reading and praying as a family. Thats something that really stuck with me this week how doing simple stuff like that really helps us to establish our base in the gospel.

This week we helped some members set the foundation for their house, and part of it is you actually need rocks to put at the base, and it reminded me of when the Newport beach temple was built and they had all of the primary kids write their favorite scriptures and now they are literally in the foundation of the temple, its amazing how even at a young age they taught us that the scriptures truly help us have a firm foundation. It has been bitter cold here, and raining a ton, and lots of wind, and its sad because lots of houses have been knocked down, houses that looked perfectly fine, but when the winds started blowing they just seemed to fall, and that was a good reminder for me to ask personally how strong is our foundation in this gospel? Are we deeply planted in the firm conviction that Jesus is our savior? Or are we just going through the motions?  It has been so sad to see how many less actives there are here and in all my areas, and even in all the world, but one of the most amazing things Ive seen is someone that perhaps wasn’t too sure about their testimony before, and just seemed to drift off, to come back and to see how humbled they are, because its like they’re saying “you know what maybe i wasn’t really converted or planted in this gospel, maybe the storm did knock my house down, but I’m here, and I’m ready to start over, I’m ready to build again, but this time even stronger” And all of that is possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
Yesterday in sacrament i was asked to speak on obedience, and i talked about how there are 3 things that we need to truly be obedient to the Lord. Faith, a good attitude, and diligence, I talked a lot about nephi and his example but at the end i talked about the blessings we receive by being obedient, and the biggest one we can receive is the chance to truly know our savior Jesus Christ, because he was the greatest example of obedience. In 1 John chapter 2 it says  And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keephis commandments.
And later on it says,
 He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.
The Lord needs us to obedient and he always invites us to do so, I know its not easy, but I know that if we do have a strong foundation we will be okay, I know this gospel is true, I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and I know that His church was restored in these latter days, even now with all of this confusion and apostasy in this world I know Joseph Smith truly was a prophet of God. I hope you know how much I love each and every one of you! Please send my love to everyone!
Con Amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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