There is a work to be done‏

This week has been jam packed with service! Which has been so great! We have been able to help some members and even our investigators jennie and antonio build their houses! While we were helping them build i felt so strongly that we are not just helping these people come to church or just helping them be baptized, we are helping them build their own testimonies for them, we are helping them strengthen themselves in this gospel. I dont remember where i had the phrase but it came to my mind about how there is a work to be done, this is literally the Lords work.

This sunday has been a huge miracle we had 5 investigators come to church! Which is like a miracle because to get to church you have to take a crowded bus for like 15 minutes to get there, and jennie and anotnio went, also another family the Zapanas went, we have only taught them once, but they were able to make it in time for sacrament meeting, and also federico lucianos amigo went and he loved it! It was amazing because the members helped us by sitting with them and talking with them! Also we talked to antonio and Jennie and they want to be baptized, but theyre not married so we taught them the law of chastity and gave them the family a proclamation to the world and loved it! And told us they know they need to be married and that this is a commandment! They are golden and are so excited in the gospel! Its amazing how much it changes our lives!
Yesterday like 2 minutes before sacrament meeting they asked me to speak, so i talked about the Atonement and Easter and it went super well! I talked about how it cleans us, helps us to overcome trials, and helps become eternal families! Me and my comp are doing super great! I hope all of you guys are all well!! i LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOM! Please send my love to everyone!
con mucho amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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