This week has been so awesome! We weren’t able to find jenifer and antonio at home like the whole week, and he changed his number, so we were super worried because the adversary is muy mala onda, so we were praying and then on saturday we found them! And Jenifer got her answer! She said she has been praying like this whole month to know if the book of mormon is true, and if she should get baptized in this church! And one night after her prayer she was laying there, and had a dream, her aunt who passed away who she really respects told her it was the right thing to do, and she said she felt a peace so strong that she knew it had to be from god, and then they went to church and they want to present their baby daughter they are awesome! My son is doing great, i seriously love him, hes doing great and like the whole time we are laughing its awesome! Just seeing lots of awesome miracles here in la favorita! Last night we had a dessert night with the ward, and a bunch of people brought really good desserts and we made candy leis for the winners, and even jenifer and antonio and federico went, great area, great comp, cant complain. Sorry so short this week! I hope you guys are all doing well! Please send my love to everyone!

Con todo el amor que tengo!
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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