We Are Growing…


They say your biggest convert on the mission will be yourself.

HOLA! This week has been super great! Elder Martinez and I have been doing really good here in La Favorita! We’ve been teaching Federico, the chico we found from his friend Luciano who is a member, and he has been doing super good, Federico is awesome he is kind of a  quiet kid, and he actually does not know how to read, but the last time we committed him to pray, because he had never done it before, and he told us the other day when he prayed he felt lighter. He is a great kid and has a tough family situation, but its amazing to see how much he was able to recognize the spirit, and even more Luciano is 17 and he is an active member who has grown up in the church, but not too long ago he was able to gain his own testimony of the church, and he has been sharing it with his friends, and he has been growing a lot.

And that is what la favorita is like, its growing. Its just a small town in the middle of the hills, if you  look up la favorita, mendoza argentina itll pop up. Its my poorest area ive had hands down, but it is filled with such good people, humble people, who just want to do whats right, and change their lives. It makes me sad sometimes because there is just so much i wish i could do for these people, but i cant, the best thing we can do for those we love is to lead them to our Savior, and that is what we are trying to do here. I love this ward so much, we had FHE with all of them last night, and it was so great, they really are growing, and i can feel it, lots of good changes are to come, the members here are very loving, its a small, maybe broken ward, but they have been growing a lot.
con todo el amor que tengo,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson



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