La Favorita


Trainer meets Trainee
Elder Martinez

The area is doing great! Its a small ward with very humble people, but they have set the goal to attend the temple as a ward at the end of the year. So to continue strong, they’ve set the goal to have a family home evening as a ward every other week, and home teaching every other week. So last night we had a family home evening in the house of the familia Rodriguez and like the whole ward came it was so cool. And tonight we have another family home evening with the Familia  Rodriguez and some friends that they have invited. So it should be good! On Saturday we met some investigators, the other elders were teaching, their names are Jenifer and Anotnio Benitez and their little daughter Carolina. They had never gone to church before because they wanted to take things slowly, but we talked about the blessings and the changes they’ve seen in their lives thanks to the gospel and they committed to come and they came! The members were so helpful too, they took them to all the classes and would sit with them and all we had to do was just be right there for them, and they loved it! They are from Peru! But they have lived here for like 10 years, they are super awesome!

My son is doing great! Hes awesome, he is just super excited to work and weve definitely seen some miracles! The only problem is we dont live in the area, so we have to wait like 45 minutes in a bus just to get there, so we get home late a lot, or have to leave the area early. But we are already working it out how we can do everything we need to do, and be able to be obedient, but for the most part everything is super good! I hope everyone is doing well, please send my love to everyone! I love you all so much!
con amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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