La Favorita es mi Favorita!!!!‏

Happy Valentines Day! Totally forgot that was yesterday! I am doing great! First off, my companion is Elder Martinez from CHILE! Hahaha whooo! Im excited he’s awesome! He’s got such great enthusiasm and desires to help everyone! So we are going to work and have some fun! La Favorita is so great! Its like this little villa in between a bunch of hills in the middle of Mendoza. Yesterday, at church we got to meet all of the members and they are all amazing! Very humble people and so willing to help the missionaries, after church our ward mission leader told  all of the brethren that we were all going to get together to visit our home teaching families and help the missionaries do splits, and a good amount of members came it was so great! One of the youth helped us to get to one of the houses of our investigators. Basically the members love helping the members, and when the members are with the missionaries the bad people don’t do anything to the missionaries! We are definitely protected and blessed here in our area. Apparently we have one of the more dangerous areas in the mission according to the other missionaries, which is why we don’t live in our area, but I have definitely felt protected here, not only by the members but also by my Heavenly Father, he takes care of his messengers.

Training is great! It definitely has its challenges, especailly with washing an area too, but I’m loving it, my son is great! I think its so funny the relationship between a trainer and his trainee, because it really is like your kid. I find myself constantly worrying about him, and if he’s okay. Learning everything he needs to to be able to serve the Lord to his full potential. Wow, thank you for your patience with me mom, I cant even imagine how crazy it is to have a real kid! Ive been thinking a lot about Dad and how much he helped me through his example. I realized that if I could teach my son anything it would be love the Lord and to trust him, I think about dad’s example of love and faith towards the Lord, and I hope that is something my son can see in me.
It was actually funny at the training meeting, we went out to open the mouth with the new missionaries to contact people, and the assistants put me with the only Samoan that came he’s from Wyoming, and he’s awesome too. Super nice guy and we have really similar personalities. So when it came time to find out who our kids are we were positive we would be companions, everyone was. all of the trainers and office elders were like there’s your Samoan son, but everything turned out way different. At first it was weird because i was like almost positive but after we met, president asked Elder Martinez to come up and share his testimony, and why he decided to go on a mission.
Mom, when he was a kid his Dad passed away and so his whole life he’s been the caretaker of his family, until a year and a half ago he met the missionaries. He got baptized right after I entered the MTC, but for a while he was trying to see if he should go on a mission, but he was worried for his family, so he talked to his Bishop and his bishop told him take it to the Lord, He provides for his children, especially when they are striving to keep His commandments. So he prayed, because he was concerned his family could potentially be thrown out of their apartment because they were renting, and he didn’t want to leave and then find out they are living on the streets. He prayed and prayed and 2 days later he met someone that was selling their house exactly within his budget! So with the help from his ward and family members he was able to come on his mission. I really love this kid, he has a lot of faith, and I KNOW the Lord has put us together to help us learn! So I am more than excited this transfer!
I love you all so much!
Con todo mi amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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