Love Every Moment

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sorry i didnt get to write last week we had p day new years day, but we weren’t allowed to email until today. These past few weeks have been amazing! So Christmas week we taught one of our investigators, Fabricio and he’s from a part member family. He is 23 years old and lives with his in-laws and his girlfriend and they are all members, but less actives. So we taught them and invited them to give God the greatest gift we can give him, the gift of obedience. And everyone in the family committed to come, but when Sunday came, church had started and no one showed up from their family. And I remember Fabricio said he would come if the family came, so while we are sitting in Elders Quorum one of the members told us some guy was looking for us. So we run out and find Fabricio waiting for us in the hallway, he came alone because he wanted to learn! It was a huge Christmas miracle because I have been in this ward almost 6 months now and not one investigator would come to church. Me and my comps were working hard but nothing was happening. It was like a drought, and I think its super funny that Nat chose “Have ye no room” as her song for her Homecoming because a large number  of times I would ask the same question, Have ye no room? What is happening? We are literally carrying the message of our Savior. Have ye not even a minute to listen to his voice? And I remember how frustrating it was, but during zone conference President Goates talked a lot about hope in spite of struggles and how we always need to continue moving forward, and we need to remember the blessing He has given us. He gave us the challenge to write 5 blessings down each day, and when we start to murmur, to change our attitude and say something we are appreciative of, and I remember walking in the oven heat of San Juan thinking it’s so hot, I hate the sun, but then I realized that that wouldn’t help, so I began noticing the things I was grateful for, like the people who planted trees years ago, that now we have shade or little things like that that have helped me to recognize that we are blessed. “We can either cry because rose bushes have thorns, or smile because thorn bushes have roses.” There is good in this world, we just need eternal eyes to see it.

So that has helped me immensely, and Fabricio is enjoying church, he loves to learn, and has been reading the Book of Mormon even before we got there, and we talked to his in laws yesterday and they said he was super excited and he talked to his girlfriend and they talked about goals and one that they have set is to get married in the temple! I am so grateful for this gospel and for this work, it truly changes lives. I know that this work is so hard because salvation truly hangs in the balance! But l know its so worth it. Sister Rowe had written in my journal to love every moment even the hard ones because it truly is for our good, I can say that so far all of these days have in the mission have helped me grow,especially the hard ones. I love you all and am so thankful for all that you do! Send my love!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson


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