The Gift of Hope

This week in zone conference we talked a lot about the gift of hope, and how we have to always look on the brighter side of everything. Asi que this week my comp and I have been working to help our investigators progress. We had a full day planned of set appointments, and great back up plans, and even a member to accompany us, and as we went throughout the day everything started to fall apart, all of the set appointments fell through, the member couldn’t come out with us, so we ended up in the middle of our area a little disappointed, but we remembered what President Goates said about hope, and how if we are too focused on what did not go well, we’ll never be able to make anything right, so with a quick prayer we decided to go to the house of a former investigator that I had met with Elder Cuessy like 3 months ago, but decided to drop because he told us he didn’t want to change anything he believed in. As we arrived, I noticed he was different, he let us in right away, and he began to tell us that a month ago he and his wife had separated and that he was super mal, he was praying for the Lord to extend his hand and we showed up that day. He had had a Book of Mormon a long time ago but lost it, so we gave him a new one, and he treated it with the most care, and began reading, and praying with us, I know the Lord humbles people, and he has humbled me. and helped me see that through Him and only through Him people change for the better. HURRAH FOR ISRAEL!

I love you all soo much!


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