Right Place at the Right Time


Shoutout to Uncle Nela

This week has been  great!! We were able to do some exchanges with the other Elders in our  zone, and Elder Muñoz and I have definitely been able to see some miracles this week! Many times this week the Lord has put us in the right place at the right time. These past few weeks, we struggled to teach lessons because nobody was responding, But that helped us immensely, we began praying harder, and trusting more in the Lord and the fact that this is His work. Three times this week, the Lord has put us in the path of less active members whose names are not even on the  directory but live in our area and want help coming back to church, then the Lord put us in the path of Andres and Paola whose son has leukemia and is only 3 years old. We were able to teach them and help them feel peace throughout their struggles, Then we visited a part member family whose son in law is not a member his name, is Fabricio, we taught him then gave him a Book of Mormon, and the hermana told us that he would always take her Book of Mormon and go read it in his room, he is awesome and has even committed to come to church with the family!

We were also able to do service with the familia Quiroga, and they have definitely been changing. They have not come to church yet, and we were close to dropping them at one point because every time the mom had an excuse about how they were always busy, but we taught them about keeping the Sabbath day holy and why we do that, and she told us she knows she needs to come this week, so we are really excited! We also had zone meeting and we talked about the importance of our calling and how sacred it is, and we talked about how before the mission we all filled out our papers with all of the excitement and joy in the world, but during the mission things always happen that don’t go the way they were planned but how we have to keep going anyway, and as we remember why were here, and why we decided to come. It helps us to keep moving forward, we had some sisters read our mission call that we all got from the first presidency, and how exciting that moment was, and how we need to continue to have that joy and the love and excitement, I have definitely been blessed to be in such a great zone, and have a great companion. Thank you for all you do mom, I love you all so much.
con muchisimo amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson
Elder Cuessy and Elder Benedict
San Juan Zone
The homie, Hermana Workman, San Juan zone
The Hermanas made us peanut butter and jelly
Interesting Catholic Virgin Mary Parade
Baptism in the other elders area!

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