Keil, Tuia and Pixler leaving San Juan

Hermana Keil, Hermana Tuia and Elder Pixler are leaving, some of my biggest homies. But the good thing is tomorrow we will see the whole mission.  I talked to Elder Cuessy and a couple other friends and we are really excited to see each other. Good news is me and Muñoz are staying another transfer ! I am excited. He’s a great companion and I like the area, so we are excited to put in work!

It has definitely been a huge blessing to serve in the same mission as Hermana Keil.  We were close before the mission but now we are like ketchup and mustard! I love her and am excited for her!


One thought on “Keil, Tuia and Pixler leaving San Juan”

  1. Hola Mi Hermano Justin Wilson, son it is so awesome the work you are doing in Argentina! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and testimony!! I always knew you were a leader, your faith and trust in the Lord shows through in all that you do. We are so proud and happy that you doing Heavenly Father’s work with our hermanos and hermanas in Argentina. You are always in our thoughts and prayers. May Father in Heaven continue to bless and keep you safe always. We love you!! God be with you till we meet again…con mucho amor. Papa&Grandma


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