Rolando is doing good He couldnt come saturday or sunday so that was a huge bummer but we are planning to visit him this week, hermana keil is still here, she technically isnt even in our zone but she is the sister training leader of all of the hermanas in our zone so she basically is a part of the zone, but this sunday well have transfers, i really hope she stays! My comp and i are doing great! He is awesome,   hes older so sometimes he doesnt want to do some of the crazy things hermana keil and i do, but hes really fun in his own way and we get along really well!

The activity on saturday went by really well, we (our district) set up and made all of the decorations and food, i made a bunch of banana bread, another elder made lots of brownies, and we had pop corn, and chips and juice, and before hand we assigned all of the organizations all of the quorums and classes to do something in the talent show, and they all agreed, and then saturday came, and ten minutes before starting almost everyone canceled, and the majority didnt even come, it was a disaster, those who were going to bring karaoke didnt come, and we only had three acts for the whole show, i was so mad, so i said a little prayer of understanding, and the words of joseph b wirthlin came to mind, “come what may and love it” I realized that even though things werent going the way they were planned, the lord was giving us an opportunity to trust him, so immediately we began discussing what we could do. Me and hermana tuia decided we would open the show teaching samoan, it was a lot of fun getting the crowd hyped as we all chanted mili mili mili pati a! And so on, then we taught Savali vali and it was actually a lot of fun, after an hermana from brasil taught us a song in portugese also tons of fun! Then we had one of the girls in the ward and her friend danced, then we had break and ate all of the food, then one of the elders showed some crazy flexible things he can do, then the elders quorum did a sketch, then the primary told jokes and then we lip synched the song happy, but on our backs with everything covered exceept our chins where we drew little faces, it was hillarious, and even though it did not go how we expected we with the lords help we were able to have an awesome time with those who were there.

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