Happy Helping Halloween!

Cant believe nats already getting ready to head home.  Hard to believe that this time exactly last year i was getting on a plane to come here to Argentina. Not really sure what was to come, 2015 is the only year I will have in my life to completely dedicate every hour every minute to the Lord, and now its coming to a close. Seeing Nat leave makes me realize that the mission really does come to an end. Next week I hit 15 months in the mission! Thats so weird because it feels so long ago but also just like yesterday that i left. It’s definitely going to be tough saying goodbye to my brothers and sisters here, when that day comes, but the good thing is I have plenty of work to keep me busy until then! This week we had a lesson with our investigator, Rolando. He is Catholic, but he knows the Book of Mormon is true, and he knows that the church is true. But he just can not let go of his traditions. But weve been focusing a lot on the book of mormon and how if the Book of Mormon is true this is the one an only true church on the earth thathas the authority of God. We taught him with a recent convert named, Facundo who also was really Catholic but he truly became converted. Rolando didn’t come to church this week but we have a lesson with him again this week and invited him to our talent show we are going to have this Saturday and the theme is Hollywood! So were really excited to see whats to come!!!


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