Family, Mother’s Day andCandy Leis

shirts we made last transfer, exchanges!‏

This week was good! we were able to do exchanges with some of the other elders and i stayed in my area and my comp went to Krause. Elder Hernandez came to work with me in our area and it was great! I learned a lot from him. He is from Mexico and was the first one in his family to be baptized. In zone meeting last week we talked about finding new investigators and how as missionaries we have the blessing and opportunity to teach our brothers and sisters. And we had all of the missionaries in the zone bring a pìcture of their family, and then we taped all of the pictures to the wall in the hallway and then covered them with a piece of paper and each missionary had to go looking for their family photo, and elder hernandez brought a photo of him baptizing his family, and we talked about how we would do anything to find our families, so why arent we doing ther same to find our brothers and sisters here in argentina. In the exchange elder hernandez and i talked about how we wanted to look for new ways to find people and we decided to offer singing a hymn to people. And they accepted! We had one man that didnt want anything  when we got there but when offered to sing a hymn he let us in and the spirit was definitely there as we sang and testified that our savior lives.

Also cool story this week my comp had his wisdom teeth taken out and by dentists orders so we couldnt leave the apt. So we were scared we would die of boredom but then the sister missionaries called us and told us that sunday would be mothers day (the only country in the world who has mothers day in october) And they wanted to make candy leis, and since we had nothing to do we made them! We made like 30, and after my fingers were dead but it was so worth it to see the moms enjoying their special day.
con amor,
elder justin lototoa wilson

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