Faith is for the Future

So we got transfer calls today and the dream team has been split up! Elder Cuessy is leaving to be zone leader in another zone and im receiving another elder here in san juan! My new comp is Elder Muñoz from Peru, really nice, humble guy and im excited to work with him. But definitely sad to be saying goodbye to my brother Elder Cuessy, this has honestly been the best transfer of my mission, it has felt so good to work hard here with him, and to have a great time doing it. Hes been a huge blessing, and Im super excited to hang out with him in Cali! He gets back in March, and it would be the coolest if you guys went to his homecoming in Downey, I really want you guys to meet his family!
This week has been a spiritual high! Right before conference we had the mission leadership conference with President, and it was such great preparation for conference! President talked a lot about what it truly means to sustain the church leaders, and how if we really trust in the Lord we also trust in those HE has entrusted.Each time we raise our hand to the square we are making a promise with the Lord that we will support and trust his servants. It is so sad to see in the world today that people think they can change the Lords way, but he is the one who has established his church, and even though the prophet,the apostles, bishops, primary teachers,  even though they are not perfect the LORD has called them and he knows much better than all of us. I am blessed to be able to sustain president Monson and the leaders that are here in this ward in san juan.
I loved prieshood session ecause they talked alot baout faith, and i especially loved the sunday sessions because i feel like they talked alot about how the Lord loves us so he gives us commandments, i love the phrase, the lord gives us the commandments as a manifestation of his love, and obedience to the commandments is an expression of the love that we have for him, also “dont be too quick to criticize the barrier because its the only thing keeping you from being devoured” i loved that because our heavenly father has truly given us the commandments because he loves us. LIke the other story by that sister who spoke, she talked about how her granddaughter viewed her car seat as a restraint and it wasnt until she understoodf that it was becuase her grandma loved her thats why she wanted her to stay seated. Each one of us have things that are keeping us from progressing, but as we sincerely ask the Lord in prayer, and humble ourselves as a little child, then will we able to see that our Heavenly Father loves us so much that he has given us these requirements to be safe and happy, and ultimatley to become more like him.
Also another cool experience Elder Cuessy and I were talking about songs, and said i really like that book of mormon stories soing, and he started singing how can i be, and said  he had gone to a fireside n cerritos and  how it really helped him decide to go on a mission, And while hes talking im just dying, and then i tell him thats my uncle!! He was so excited and we talked a little about how crazy it is how the Lord puts certain people in our paths, it was super cool! I love you mom and hope you guys all had a great week! I love you all so mcuh!
much love,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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