The Best Gift

This has been such a great week! On P day we had a spray foam fight with the zone which was loads of fun, then I had my birthday which was super special! My comp made me pancakes with peanut butter and nutella (which is like suupperr hard to find an super expensive) Then we had to go to 2 district meetings and the hermanas in our district suprised me with balloons and a really good chocolate cake they made and then my comp got us all cheesecake which is also very hard to find. Then we went to the other district meeting where they made corn dogs and my comp had gotten another cheesecake so we could eat with them. Did i mention how awesome my comp is? He is a boss and I look up to him a lot.
Then we had exchanges with some elders and i went to their area and learned a lot from Elder Nelson especially about following the spirit while proselyting.

Then later in the week we were able to do some divisions with some of the hermanos from the ward and it went really well!!!! My first week here me and my comp decided we wanted to be more bold in talking to people so walking back to the apartment we decided to talk to the super tall guy who was walking on the street. So we began to talk to him and got his address and found out he is from a small country in west africa and is studying here because education is free, and he gave us his number but it was always super hard to confirm a day with him because his class schedule and his futbol training schedule is really crazy. But when we did divisions we decided to stop by his place. And we got in! Me and my temporary comp for the day got to teach him about the restoration and he actually really liked it. He is catholic but has never really felt much going there and has been looking for truth for awhile. He was really excited to read the BOM and after thge lesson i talked to the hermano and he loved it! He helped Pelegrino (our investigator) feel very loved and part of a family and its just amazing how the Lord put us right there in that moment so we could teach him his gospel. Now i think of what could have happened if we hadnt opened our mouth and talked to him. Im positive every day there are people that the Lord has put in our path to help them, but it requires that we act, that we have that boldness and love for our brothers and sisters, and i want to challenge you guys at home to find those people this week. In doctrine and covenants 4 it talks about how have to thrust in our sickle, and we know that a sickle is a tool, so what toolos are we using to help the lord in his work. Social networking, videos, texting, all tools-use em!

I want you to know i felt a lot of love this birthday definitely from all of you guys at home, those here in the mission, and most definitely from my Heavenly Father. The greatest gift that i have had this birthday is the blessing and privilege I have to share this truth with my brothers and sisters here, I love you all so much!

Just know mom I am super good, I love my area my comp and these people! Also if youd like heres Elder Cuessys moms email and it would be super cool if you guys talked because his family is awesome and they live in downey!! Heres his moms email-

Con mucho amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Lutali Wilson

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