A Strong Foundation

This week was pretty crazy we had like 7 point something earthquake and it was really fun, we knocked on a door and the groung started moving like waves and it was long like a minute and a half, and a lot of people were scared because in the 70s there was a huge earthquake that destroyed san juan and a bunch of houses becuase the majority were made of adobe, but the cool thing is they changed their way of  building and now the majority of the houses are earthquake proof, and are firm. The members explained to us how they make the houses now and its like a base that goes deep into the ground with a really strong foundation on top.

Ive thought a lot about that lately, especially since my favorite scripture is helaman 5:12 and it was a great reminder of how each of us need to be prepared both spiritually and physically, as missionaries we all have to have emergency backpacks to be prepared for disasters likle that, but it made me think what do we have in our emergency backpack spiritually, our are testimonies firmly planted in the doctrine of christ? Do we know that the authority of God has been restored to the earth through the lords prophet joseph smith? If we dont know the basic fundamental gospel truths, will we be ready when the adversary throws everything he has at us? If we we look at ourselves and see that we our becoming weak on somethings whatever they may be, it is my hope that we do everything necesary to change that. To ask that Lord to help us be better, ive also thought about our family, for us to become a forever family it requires that each and everyone of us do our part, if someone is struggling in our family we HAVE to help them we NEED to strengthen them in Alma 43 it talks alot about war but even about unity and strengthening the parts that need to be strengthened.

 24 And it came to pass that the word of the Lord came unto Alma, and Alma informed the messengers of Moroni, that the armies of the Lamanites were marching round about in the wilderness, that they might come over into the land of Manti, that they might commence an attack upon the weaker part of the people. And those messengers went and delivered the message unto Moroni.

 25 Now Moroni, leaving a part of his army in the land of Jershon, lest by any means a part of the Lamanites should come into that land and take possession of the city, took the remaining part of his army and marched over into the land of Manti.

 26 And he caused that all the people in that quarter of the land should gather themselves together to battle against the Lamanites, to defend their lands and their country, their rights and their liberties; therefore they were prepared against the time of the coming of the Lamanites.

The adversary is real and he wants to keep us from returning to our heavenly home, but there is no way we will ever let that happen, I know that each of us were put into this family so that we could grow together and it is our job to make sure we are preparing ourselves for whatever comes. 

This week has been such a blessing me and my comp were able to find 10 new awesome people to teach because the Lord definitely guided us to them becauser they were definitely prepared so we are definitely excited! I am so grateful to be here and im excited that i can spend my last birthday in the mission serving the Lord and his children. I love you all so much.

con mucho amor,

elder justin lototoa wilson


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