This week has been great! We are serving in Barrio Libertador and I had the chance to meet a lot more members, its a great ward, and we also got to speak with stake presodent Noriega who is just awesome super spìritual and humble and we are excited to work with him.

This week we had zone meeting with everyone in the zone and we decided to come up with the theme “Keep calm y Ser SALVO” Its an acronym for
S-seguir el espiritu
A-amar a todos
L-la diligencia
which basically means, Follow the spirit, Love everyone, diligence, boldness. obedience
We chose these atributes because we wanted to focus on how we first must do our part to help others progress. Also the word salvo in spanish means saved, we know the Lord came here to Earth to save us and for him to be able to save our fellow brothers and sisters we have to do our job to represent him well. We focused a lot on being bold and loving. Both atributes are vital in this work. We are loving to help these people feel and come to know this message is true but we are also bold in helping them understand the consequences if disobedience and the blessings of obedience. We have been able to apply that here in our area, opening the mouth has always and may always be something uncomfortable but i know and ive seen how the Lord truly prepares people and softens their heart. We have been talking to a lot of people about family history which actually attracts quite a few people, i know that that is one of our greatest tools we have in sharing this gospel, the knowledge and comfort of forever families, i love you guys so much so so short this week, please send my love to everyone!
con amor,
elder justin lototoa wilson
So tomorrow iwe are talking about learning the language and we are singing i need the every hour in english, spanish samoan, and portuguese, because we have two samoans, a bunch of gringos, one colombian, one guatemalan, one from buenos aires, one brazilian, and 2 peruvians. Hermana Tui (hermana keils daughter) Is from Apia and she is sharing the ward with us and she is awesome shes gonna teach us in samoan she also knows josie!! They went to the same high school!



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