Leaving Lujan Mendoza for San Juan

Elder Cuessy New Companion and Zone Leader Trainer in San Juan

I am soooooo good! I am here in san juan and it is just the best!! My comp is elder marlon cuessy from downey CA! And he is awesome, we are the zone leaders here so he is teaching me alot! Also every month the ZLs and the STLs have a meeting with president and hermana keil is STL in the zone next door so well be traveling together and theyre also coming to an asado that were doing today!!!

I got here to san juan on wednesday and its crazy because ive been in mendoza for my whole mission and san juan is just another story, its got a whole different kind of vibe, i really like it here. we are in the barrio libertador and we share it with hermanas also, and hermana keils daughter in the mish hermana tuia who is straight from samoa is one of them so its super cool having another poly in the house. It was sad leaving lujan, i didnt get to say goodbye to the people i wanted to  we were only at the gamarras house a short time, but they called me that night and we all just kind of cried together, the hermana gamarra. I remember one day she felt like everything she was doing wasnt worth it, and she felt like everyone just saw her as a mess and as a failed mom, but i shared with her the words from avatar that youve always liked “I see” I told her those really are some of the most intimate words we can hear, because to truly see someone is to look past their weaknesses look past all of their mistakes and decide to see who they really are: children of our heavenly father. I told her our heavenly father truly sees her, he sees his daughter and he is always aware of her. When they called me my last day she told me shes not gonna give up, that she wants an eternity with her family, and it made me think of all of you guys. I want you to know mom i wont give up, i love you all way too much to let anything get in the way of us being happy forever, i know that in these times of all of the family being apart that our father in heaven is aware of each and everyone of us and that he loves us, i know that he sees you mom, i know that he loves you and thanks you for being the righteous mother and example to each of us, i love you mom and hope everything is well with all of you guys. Please dont worry about me, im doing great here.

With all my heart,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson


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