Natural Man

This week has been an awesome week, so at the beginning me and my comp definitely had some serious problems as far as unity but we had to do exchanges with the zone leaders on tuesday anyways and they are just awesome and helped a lot and me and elder moreno were definitely able to fix a lot of things and we were able to take some youth out to work with us and we taught mikaela who has been struggling with progressing, and one of the young men was able to help her a lot,This week we got a call out of the blue from nina who told us she wanted to get baptized, her mom was super unsure because they’re catholic but dont go to church, but one of the less active ladies sister ridolfi who is a good friend of the mom testified to her that this is the only way her daughter can truly be happy, by following the gospel our savior has given us. And the mom seemed to find a lot of peace in that, so it was a huge tender mercy!! We also had a great ward council with the leaders here and alot of them were able to help a lot of the families that we have been working with.

I have just been grateful to serve in this ward, there is a lot of really amazing people here and i have been so blessed to feel the love god has for me through the service rendered by some great christlike examples. I think that is the spirit about this ward that i love that there are great members who have their eyes open to opportunities and hands ready to serve. I love argentina but as a country it is very sad because it seems that natural man has definitely been present, people work in the morning then take the siesta for a couple hours to sleep and then works again for a little bit and then sleeps again.So sometimes its tough getting people excited to get up and cat but it has helped me to reflect alot on my own life personally. I had a good talk with elder higdon who lives in the same apartment as me and we talked about how if we dont do what we need to do today its going to be a lot harder to do it tomorrow, but if we develop the habit of keeping the commandments and feeling the spirit constantly it will make it alot easier and alot better in the long run. Ive always loved the phrase do something today that the future you will thank you for. Because we truly are building our lives,with every decision we make we our constructing our future, and i know as we keep the commandments we can find safety and that the lord will truly edify our lives so that one day we can return to him. I am so thankful for my savior who loves me and for his atonement that changes me each time i seek his guidance. Thank you so much for everything mom i love you so much and please send my love to all the kids i hope everyone has a great week at school!
con mucho amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson
the one with the tie is elder higdon and he is finishing his mission today, so we went on the roof last night to say our goodbyes and everything, and that is Gaiel teaching us the law of chastity


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