Satan is Real

This week has been good, our investigators have really struggled with progressing this week but we are working to try and help them grow. This week has definitely been a prayer filled week, mikaela wants to be baptized but she struggles because her boyfriend doesnt want her to, hermana gamarra is REALLY struggling financially she hardly has any money to feed her kids and theyre being kicked out of their house at the end of the month, also our investigator nina has been falling latlely, so its just been a week of random struggles  that satan is trying to keep these people from making covenants with our heavenly father, but we will not let him win! 

Thats the thing satan is real and he is attacking all fronts, even with companions, this has been my most trying transfer, my companion is 23 but has been reacting to situations as if he was 13, president tells me to keep having patience because he has had problems with all of his other compoanions so ive just been trying to hold on, i just feel stressed ALOT lately but each time when i think im going to explode or just blow up each time i say a prayer or read a scripture i need i have always found the advice or comfort i need to keep going. My comp wont sit next to me on the bus  we missed lunch with a family because he didnt feel like leaving so i had to call and all in all its been pretty trying. The refinig fire is real, but im not going to let it ruin me, im just going to accept what i can control and move on from the thingsi cant, its the only we can keep moving forward, One thing i was reading from my inspirational journal was something marissa wrote that said, “Whenever you think you cant keep going, just look at all the battles youve won all the fears youve overcome.” I know that the Lord has brought me here for a reason and i know with his help i can overcome all things.
On a lighter note we have seen alot of miracles from the calendar we made of the 21 days of reading the scriptures those who have been doing it have been have founf a lot more unity within the family and have felt alot more love in the home, its funny how that happens. Also the families with young children they kids havce gotten used to reading and praying and they have been the ones who have been reminding the parents, it reminds me of us, saying prayers having fhe reading the scriptures and stuff like that has become so natural because our parents instilled it since we were young. And i am grateful for that, i am grateful for all of the tender mercies the lord has continued to give me each day to show me that he is a part of every moment of my life! Im so grateful to be serving him and i love all of you so much and hope everything goes well these next coming days!
Con Amor,
Elder Wilson
a minion missionary one of the families in the ward gave me

in honor of completing one year in the missionelder bartlett and i who is also from my group burned our shirts
the gifts for the gamarras


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