Harry Potter

This week has been good a bit trying with the investigators as far as teaching them and finding them at home, but we have seen a bunch of miracles with some less actives. A  few weeks ago we made a calendar with a scripture a day or a few verses, for 21 days, and we made it mostly to help the less actives get back in the habit of reading the book of mormon, and every single family who sincerely read the book of mormon together literally told us that whenever they were going through problems and they read the scripture that day, that it was exactly what they needed to hear. One of those families was the familia gamarra they are active but sister gamarra has had problems in the past with getting all of her family together to read, the majority of them are also pretty young, but they have not missed a day and she has told us that she has seen so many changes in her and her kids, they have the spirit more in their home, and they are able to find they answers they need. The hermana gamarra is awesome,  she told us despite the chaos in her life, she feels peace and she knows the Lord will provide, and she has continued serving.

But everything for the most part is going good, nina is having a tough time she recently moved back to her moms house  where its kind of a rough situation but we are working with her still trying to help her progress, the area is going great, the members here are super awesome, one of the hermanas here said that she is making me a porcealin minion missionary so im excited to see that! But i am just so grateful for the spirit i have been able to feel especially this week, i am so grateful for dad and his example of a true man, not because he was the most macho, or the biggest, or anything by the worlds standards but because he loved his family, because he loved and respected his wife, and especially the Lord, I am so grateful for him and his example of a worthy priesthold holder.
Also this week was pretty funny  while me and my comp were walking we said hi to  this random old lady, and she told us “May god bless you and all you do” So we talked to her a little bit and she told us that we are her sons and that she couldnt let us leave on an empty stomach so she gave us some crackers and offered us to come in for tea, and we told her no, and then randomly another old lady the neighbor pops out of nowhere and tells us to come inside and that she wanted to see if god exists, oh yeah she is also hunch backed and she spoke a little like the witch from enchanted, so it made it a little creepier but we didnt feel any strong impressions so we went in any way and her daughter was laying in bed and suffers from colvulsions so we offered a prayer and talked a little about hope and faith, and set up another time to come back and see how theyre doing. As we leave the first old lady tells us to come inside and have something to drink so we talk a little with her, and she apparently thinks that we are all christ, and said that we must fight against the evil by him who should not be named, i almost laughed becasuse of the whole harry potter allusion, but basically where i am going with all of this is there are alot of good people here, and there are alot of crazy people here, but more than anything theres a lot of good crazy people!
Con Amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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