Knocking on Doors

Wow where to begin this week, okay lets just back track to last week…well me and my comp were knocking doors because we just got another part of the city in our area so we decided to get to know it a little better. So we were knocking doors on one street but i told him i felt we should move to the next one over, and the first house we knocked on was a catholic lady who said she had met mormonswhen she was a little girl and said they were good people, but let us know she is firmly catholic, but we continued talking to her and we talked a little about jesus christ and his role as our saviour and the love he has for each of us, well as we talked she opened up more, her daughter has had a hard life she was beaten and violated by her ex boyfriend, and even tried to committ suicide a couple times, and her mom continued to tell us in her daughters bedroom that there is just a negative feeling, like a bad spirit or something, and then she invited us in to see if we felt anything(because her daughter wasnt home). So right as we enter i just felt a pressing feeling on my chest and i looked at my comp and knew he felt the same so he then offered a prayer and we left on a lighter note, and set up another appointment for friday.

Well friday we go back and the daughter Mailen answers the door and she lets us in, she told us that she had gotten home on monday and went into her room and asked her mom why she felt so different. She told us that she couldnt feel that fear she always felt, and ever since then she has felt a peace in her home that was never there before, we testifeied to her a little about the plan of salvation and even met her dad, her brother, and her boyfriend also and we began to teach them all, and even introduced the book of mormon and left them with one. Then we go back and the boyfriend said he didnt feel comfortable reading the book of mormon, but the rest of the family was okay with it, well as we read the boyfriend scooted closer and closer to see what we were reading, and by the end of the lesson he even volunteered to read a few verses, and as we invited them to read and pray he told us he believes its true because no man by himself could write what was written, and acsepted the commitment to pray, we then invited them to come to church with us and the mom told us if she doesnt feel good she has the right to leave and we promised her that she would feel the spirit there, and her and her husband came yesterday and loved all of the testimonies!!! Also another tender mercy was mikaela another investigator who it has been so hard  this whole week to contact her, but sunday she came by herself! And today we have a family home evening with her and her family!
Basically what i want to say with all of this is the church is true, that it is the only church on the face of the earth that has the fulness of the gospel that was restored by the lords prophet joseph. I know the power of prayer is real, and as missionaries we have the opportunity to invite all of our brothers and sisters to grow closer to our father in heaven. I know i am his servant and am grateful to be here serving him and his children. I love this gospel so much and am so grateful for the peace it brings me.

My comp is a good guy and he cooks really well, and were working so thats the key! I love you so much mom and hope that all of you are well, please remember that you and all the family are always in my prayers!
con amor,
elder justin lototoa wilson

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