This week has been a tiring one but it has been so worth it! We divided a little bit of the other area of the elders who share the ward with us because their area is huge and ours is a lot smaller, so we went trekking to get to know some other barrios that are there, and we definitely can say the lord has put us where weve needed to be, first we went to visit a less active couple who received us really well, and we were able to get to know them a little better, and so we set up another appointment with them and so we go back later and recently they have a 14 year old girl who moved in with them because her mom is going through financial problems and cant provide for her, and so we begin by teaching her the first lesson, and she absolutely loved it and accepted a baptismal date! SO we go back another time to verify and see if she read the introduction and she said no so we read with her and a little more from the book of mormon, and affter the lesson she told us after she accepted a baptismal date she thought a lot about it, and had a dream that night that she was dressed in white and some of her ancestors who have already passed away were already dressed in white and were congratulating her and thanking her, and they were all so happy.  And the spirit there was SO strong we testified to her that by her getting baptized and making covenants with her heavenly father she will be able to help so many of her family members find the same happiness! It was such a huge miracle!

And we look forward to continue teaching her, her name is nina and she is just plain awesome! Also with a few other less active members and investigators we had a great correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and he has been helping us alot with working with the members, so we are really excited this week! Also my comp is from trujillo norte mision and that is where paola is right now! Its crazy!! I love you all so much!!

Con mucho amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson



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