Missionary Referral Week

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThis week has been really great. Monday and Tuesday was goodbyes for elder diaz and it was actually really sad. I have been especailly grateful for is the knowledge of my Father in Heaven, he always knows where i need to be and who i need to be with, and luckily with each one of my comps so far we were able to leave on a good note, the companions who have been the hardest for me i now can look back and truly see why we were together, and truly think of them as my brothers. My comp now is elder wagner smith moreno, from trujillo peru! Hes 23 and was baptized a year and 8 months ago! He really is awesome, he cooks some amazing food and hes got 4 months in the mission and has a great excitement and drive to share the gospel! This week the spirit of this week has definitely been felt. We have been able to contact some great people, and have asked for referals from everyone! And we have been finding some great people to teach! Our investigator mikaela is awesome she is 22 and always would go out to the clubs to go dancing and have fun, but every since she has been listening to us she has gone less and less, and has been studying and trying to make better choices in her life. We’ve invtied her to get baptized twice, and she has accepted but then declined later, but the other day we read 2 nephi 31 with her and she committed to pray and read,  and told us she wants to get baptized but wants a sign to know its what god wants, well she read and prayed and later went to a club and hated it, and told us she just felt weird and just really wanted to leave. We testified to her that its because god wants to help her on the right path now its her turn to take the steps, she is still a little hesitant on baptism but were getting there, I really am glad to be in this area one more transfer we have been working a lot more with the members and they have helped us a lot with giving us referrals so it really has been great! I hope you all continue to have a great week this week!

con mucho amor,
elder justin lototoa wilson


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