New Beginnings

Hey mom, sorry i dont have too much time but we just got transfer calls and i am staying here with an elder named elder moreno and elder diaz is leaving, as for the rest of the district we are all staying the same. But this past week has helped me  reflect alot on new beginnings. I am sad to say goodbye to elder diaz ive learned a lot these two transfers and i feel like i have grown closer in my relationship to my heavenly father, despite the challenges weve had in our companionship i wish my companion the best and really appreciate him and for the things hes done, hes awesome, that is one thing with the mission every 6 weeks we get pretty anxious because we dont know where well be or with who, but from every transfer i have learned alot from each of my companions and has helped me grow in ways i never thought i could, and even though the mission gets tough the lord is aware of us and knows who we need to be with. I am grateful for my father in heaven who knows me and loves me and being on the mission has helped me to learn to trust him and his will. This week not too much to report on because elder diaz has had to say his goodbyes to alot of people but we did have a lesson with a less active sister named melina and she believes that all of the religions will help us  get to the celestial kingdom, and i told her about how each one has a piece of the truth but this is the only church with the authority and fulness of the gospel, and i told her not to take my word for it to re read the joseph smith story and to pray and ask the lord if he was a prophet she committed to do so, so i look forward to verifying with her to see.but i know that this is the work of the lord, and i am so grateful to be one of his messengers, i love you all so much!!
con mucho amor,

elder justin lototoa wilson
Elder Bartlett and Hermana Masoner who were in the MTC when I was there all 3 of us complete 11 months today!
Elder Cofer and Elder Higdon from the district
Hermana Keil left me a package in the office to celebrate my 11 months

The familia gamarra an awesome member family who always helps the missionaries!


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