He Came for Me

This week we talked with a sister in the ward she was wondering why she felt so bad, because she felt like she was giving and giving things to people but she felt so empty like nobody appreciated what she was doing and that it didnt make a difference, and we talked to her about how much the lord loves and appreciates all she does, and that sometimes as humans we dont see the full sacrifice that people do for us, but the lord knows us and loves us, that we never know how far our efforts can touch the lives of others. Also i read a talk this week that talked about the savior and his atonement, and how when he came to the americas he invited all of them each and everyone of them to feel his scars and see the sacrifice that he made for each of them for each of of us, and how we too every week have the opportunity the invitation to witness for ourselves the sacrifice that the lord made for each of us, through taking the sacrament each of us can feel that same love and power of his atonement, also this district meeting we talked about develpoing the attributes of christ, and in the chapel he taped these chocolate covered oreos to a bunch of different pictures representing jesus christ and i invtied each of the elders to go look for them, as we talked about it after i asked what they noticed about the pictures that had the oreos, and they said jesus was healing, he was blessing the sick, his second coming, and i told them that each and every one of the pictures had christ with his arms extended, that we cannot become like him if we do not go to him in help, i testified that christ is willing to help us he is willing to help us become more like him, but first we must accept that invitation, through these times when things were really hard, when thing i know for sure is that my heavenly father loves me, that he sent his son to die for me, and that through the redeeming power of his atonement, i can be made whole. One of the songs ive always loved that ashley bremmer would sing was the song He Came For Me, it says

It was dark for many daysThe storms had taken all we owned
I’d been driven to my knees
Longing for the warmth of my home
When a light appeared above meHe had comeKing of all Kings
Ruler of Worlds
For His other sheep
I felt His hands
I touched His feet
I’ll forever rejoice
He came for me

I am so grateful for my savior and his atonement, i know that his atonement is both infinite and intimate,  i love you so much mom, and thank you for raising us in this gospel, i am grateful for the article faith and the words hope to be able to endure all things, i know that that hope is rooted in christ he is the only way and the only light to guide us home to our heavenly father.

Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson


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