If we never choose to recognize our faults we will never be able to turn them into strengths. I feel like i have changed so much on the mission, and i continue changing because i continue making mistakes, but i also continue learning. I apologize if this letter seems dull or anything, but one thing i have truly learned is how much God is aware of each and everyone of us and our trials. So many times i felt so alone or just dumb and was just dying to talk to some one how i felt, and because of that i have never prayed as hard in my life, never searched for answers so fervently in the scriptures and because of it i have learned so much.  i love this work and love this time of refinement that i have to grow into the person i need to become and to help others with their own divine potential. i love my companion and hope we can be the servants the lord needs us to be. Thank you for all of the prayers they truly are felt over here!

con muchisimo amor,
elder justin lototoa wilson

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