Happy June!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe got transfer calls  yesterday and me and Diaz are staying here, so it should be good! Im excited to continue working in this area, it really is a great ward with some amazing people here. This week has been a week of reflection, as i was studying i opened up my binder that sister risueño made me, and i turned right to the talk Beware of Pride, and i read the part about how pride something easy to see in everyone else but ourselves. I dont remember who said it but in general conference i think it was thomas s monson who said that never let the desire to be right become more important than someone to be loved. And as i sat there thinking i realized how selfish i was being, i did not come on the mission thinking about me i came because i know that this gospel is true, that it changes lives, that it has changed my life, that it gave me the knowledge that i can be with my family forever and that i want the people here in argentina to have that same joy that i have, and the only way i can do that is with the guidance of the spirit, and  he cannot dwell in places that dont allow him to. Now our companionship is so much stronger for that. I am grateful for all of the challenges the lord puts in my path to help me be better.

This week i had the opportunity i had the opportunity to interview the investigators for the other elders, which was a family and as i talked to the mom i asked her what the gospel meant to her, and she told me as she listened to the elders, everything seemed so familiar, she accepted everything they said because she knew it was true, as i listened to her she made me tear up because these people truly are sons and daughters of God, they made the decision to follow Jesus Christ before in the premortal life, and as the spirit testifies to them, they come to the knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel, and they decide for themselves to follow their savior again. I love this gospel so much and am so grateful for the opportunity i have to be a missionary, today we said goodbye to elder gerard, and some other elders, and he told me its so weird because that day of leaving truly comes for each and everyone of us, for each and everyone of us will come a day when cant promise these blessings for our investigators, when we wont be able to devote every moment of our days to sharing this gospel. I love this time, and look forward to these next few years to share this truth with my brothers and sisters here in argentina.
Con amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson


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