Challenges and triumphs and small miracles…‏

Things this week have been so good! We put a baptismal date on a 22 year old girl named micaela and she is awesome! She is the aunt of uriel who you got to meet and she used to go to church when she was a little girl but stopped going after getting into trouble with some bad friends. We asked her why she wanted to get baptized and she told us that she has seen the changes  that have happened in her life just from listening to the lessons, and that she wants to feel what she felt when she used to go to church. That is what this work is all about, what this gospel is all about; change. That each and everyone of us have the potential to become more like our savior jesus christ, that through his atonement we can all one day live not only with him but live like him.

A couple of weeks ago we had zone meeting and we talked about the trials that eachof us have. And one scripture shared psalms 66,10-12 how god loves us so much that he puts through certain challenges to truly refine us like silver and to be better. We talked about some times it seems to much to bear the things we go through, but the maker knows, he knows what we can and cant handle, and will push us to the point where we think we cant go and that is where change occurs. And after we talked about how he knows when the silver is ready and it is when he can see his reflection in it. Just like that each of have challenges that will in the end strengthen us to become more like our father in heaven, and it is our job as his children to keep charging, keep fighting, until finally one day he will welcome each of us home, and it is then we will realize how truly how merciful he is, that he loved us so much to cut us down. And all of those difficult moments, all of those feelings of loneliness, all of those nights that seemed to last forever will just seem so small. Through the atonement of our savior jesus christ every tear will be dried, every back strengthened, and every heart healed. Theres a song by carrie underwood that i invite you to listen called “so small” And it says “when you figure out love is all that matters after all, it sure makes everything else seem so small.” I know that is so true, that is something ive learned on the mission, that the things i want most in my life have been right in front of me the whole time! And thats a lesson im still learning and will continue learning until i die, but i am so grateful for the family i have been given.
Elder diaz had been a lot better he gets some pretty bad headaches and they believed it could have been stress or something, but hes been good ever since, but his b day was saturday and we celebrated with some families lots of fun! Also id say the change would probably just be comps, all of my comps i have learned something from each one, my trainer elder bailey i learned a lot about planning and the importance of that, elder gerard-loving the people and obedience brings miracles, elder miranda-understanding the doctrine helps us to improve our teaching skills so the people can truly learn, elder ransom-learned a lot about how not to lead, elder diaz- how to enjoy the area and the people! Things were good last transfer but the comp situation was just…interesting. Lets just say i had to whip out doctrine and covenants 121 to explain that when leading others we have to lead them with love, because we all truly are on the same field, all on the same team, all trying to make it home to our heavenly home, and how despite all of our faults and shortcoming the lord loves us and leads us with love! So all in all good! Hahah but the scripture id go with would be moses 1:13 that i am a son of god and i will not let satan into fooling me into thinking otherwise! Also castellano is a mix of spanish and italian but really not much of a difference at all hahaha they just say that because it sounds fancier! ahahah but i love you so much mom!!! Here just a few pics from the journal! One thing we learned in the mtc is that we all truly have to discover for ourselves what happened in the sacred grove. And that we must never forget that it happened! That joseph say the father and his son jesus christ, like the poster on my door that is hiding the hole says, “The sacred grove:what happened here changed the world, let it change your life.” It truly has changed mine and i will go to my grove proclaiming that it happened! And because it happened we have the fulness of the gospel on the earth today. the other picture is the boys from the sweet water creek, that is a picture that brings me so much strength knowing that each and every little bit of effort is not wasted, and that there is something each and everyone of us can do, theres always someone to help someone comfort. I am grateful for this time i have to devote these 2 years to my father in heaven, and to serve his children, i love you all so much and hope you have a great week!
Con mucho amor y cariño,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson


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