When things get rough here…

Even though me and Nat are miles and miles away we know we are not alone. Before the mission i worried about being so far from home and from friends, being in a foreign land speaking another language, but because of all those family prayers each night, those fhe s with dads famous chocolate cake, all of those times you, dad, barbie, or bishop took us to seminary when you were exhausted, things like that are the things that helped me grow my faith to know i am not alone, that i have a heavenly father who is always watching over me, who loves me. I know that it truly is the small and simple things that bring us closer to our savior. Things that even the primary knows, reading the scriptures, praying as a family, going to church, keeping the commandments, those are the things that will one day help us to return to our Father in Heaven. I know that one day we will all be reunited again if we do all that we need to do in this life.

Often when things get rough here, i think about the first time i went through the temple  I remember a bunch pf things going wrong that week, satan was working hard to keep me from going, i remember not knowing what was going on but when i entered into the celestial room and found you and jer and nat, and grandma and pop, and so many other friends, i remember feeling a joy so immense so real that i couldnt help but cry, it felt as if the heavens opened even for just a moment that i was able to truly glimpse what it can be like to be a forever family. I think about that when times get tough because it truly lifts me, it doesnt matter what situation im in or what callenge i face, i know the lords with me i know that whatever pain or suffering i feel is only temporary, because i know that that joy that happiness i felt is so much more worth it. Thats what keeps me going. I am grateful for the covenants you and dad made and for making it a priority to do things the right way.

Things have been good in Lujan, last P day we went to the mall in Mendoza, so much fun they had Burger King and i almost cried, we also bowled! So much fun! Also found skittles and m and ms the other day!! Its all about the little things! This week has bee good, cant complain  elder diaz was a little sick but now hes a lot better! The members here are awesome, and theres so many! Which is just a weird change compared to Palmira. Theres one family with a son named Uriel he is 15 and got baptized in March and he is amazing! His whole family are members but he is the only active one, he goes to seminary every day and is reading the scriptures daily and asks so many good questionsbecause he truly wants to know! He is also identical to Li”i not physically but in his humility, if theres five people in the house and only 4 chairs hes the first one to get up, one time we went with him to visit this other family in his neighborhood and this little niño that we call diablito was going crazy attacking me and my comp scratching us and stuff, but Uriel picked him up and just spoke to him in a soft voice even though the boy was pulling his hair. Its christlike people like that that amaze me, that make me want to be more like my savior.
Also we are teaching a man named Hugo he is living with a woman named Hermana Espinosa and her family, she and all of her family are members but less active so we are working on reactivating  them and helping them so that he can progress! So if you could keep them in your prayers! Also if you could pray that elder diaz and i can find new people who have been prepared, that we may be guided to them to teach them! I love you all so much!
Con mucho amor
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson


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