Because He Lives


Hope you all had a great conference easter weekend!  I loved how this conference it was centered so much on families and how each one has a part, it seemed like every other talk someone spoke about how fathers these days need to be fathers and mothers mothers, because this life is getting crazier and crazier its just saddening how many people are lost, how many families are crumbling, just how hard the adversary is working to keep us from being eternally happy.  While Elder Wilferd Andersen was speaking i was just so grateful for my own parents and their examples in teaching me how to truly feel the music in my heart. They are some of the greatest examples of true love that i know. The analogy reminded me so much of the song “glorious” because it is so true each of us play a piece and when truly feel the music it really is glorious. I am so grateful for the gospel and the guidance it gives me each day of my life. I also teared up when Elder Holland talked about our savior  the spirit testifies so strongly that he lives that he is here just like the because he lives video it doesnt matter who we are or who weve been, hes here and he extends his hand to each and every one of us. I also loved when Elder Quentin l cook, stated  how many people say that the church has gotten weaker how more people are choosing to leave, but how we have never been stronger. Especially with the whole fiasco of people opposing the prophet, or being in my area with about 30 actives and 550 less actives, its scary thinking about how these truly are the last days, but if we are prepared we have no need to be scared. I love this gospel i love these people in the area, listening to the testimonies of others strengthens me so much, i came on the mission thinking that i was gonna change a million lives but i feel like these people have changed mine. These are some of the poorest people that ive seen in my life, but what they have they share, i dont know how many times ive gone into houses that literally have nothing, but they will open their cupboard and they will give it to us, and they always do it with a smiling face and willing heart. These people have humbled me so much, one time we visited a less active who has three grandkids living with her and she opened the cupboard and all i could see was eggs and some beetles in the cupboard and she put them in a bag and gave it to us, and she looked at us ashamed and apologized that that was all she had. I refused to take it because i felt so bad to take something they really needed from them, but she wouldnt let us leave without it. I walked home that night with tears in my eyes, the faith of that sister is something i will never forget.She knew she didnt have much but she didnt worry about hereself she knew the Lord would help her.  It reminded me of us sometimes, sometimes we come to the Lord with the little we have or the little we are, but if it is all we have, it is all he requires. In between sessions we sang i know that my redeemer lives, and as i walked by the room where everyone else was i could hear them singing in spanish, and the spirit was so strong as i listened to the small group of people singing and i realized how throughout the world we are so different but we are all children of our loving heavenly father, that this gospel is true everywhere around the world. I know that my savior loves me, i know he came and did his part and now it is our turn to act and to accept. I know he lives and because he lives i can continue trying, when i feel broken or weak, by the power of his atonement i can be made whole again. I love this work and i love you all so much, have a great week mom love you guys so much!

Con muchisimo amor,
Elder Wilson


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