Loving the People

This week has been so uplifting! First off we had interviews with president and the first thing he tells me is if im ready to switch my membership records to palmira because i have been their so long, hahaha i told him if thats what the lord wants it sounds good to me because i like Palmira! But it was a great interview also after interviews the assistants gave us a little re cap at what we learned from zone conference and they are both awesome! Theyre my buddies, one of them elder peters who is tall and blond i think i sent a picture of him a awhile ago, he is from west jordan and he knows the matuas, his sister used to go out with wilson! Crazy small world! Then after that we got lunch in mendoza and i talked to hermana martinez who is from el salvador and a really good friend of hna keil! But we talked and she gave me a lot of really good advice, she told me that she had told hermana keil and hermana workman who are both gringas that they need to speak spanish when they are in the street when there is a latin present basically as much as possible because its obvious the gringos that dont put in effort, but those who do the people love them because them trying to learn as much spanish as possible shows the people they truly love them that they would dedicate this time to learn another language to help them and also just putting in as much effort to show the lord we are serious about his work! And she said that was something that helped them a lot because now hna keil speaks like a latina and the people love and respect her because they see her trying, and she promised me if i did that i would also see the little miracles.

So i did that after interviews and it worked! We ended up seeing a lot of just tender mercies that day! We found the familia dominguez who we havnt seen in like 4 weeks but we were able to teach them, and later that night we had a lesson that night with the familia rosales! The familia rosales has a special place in my heart, i love them soooo much! There is vilma who was baptized when she was a little girl but has been less active since she was 16 and she is married to german, who is not a member! But is an amazing father to his kids, and opened up to us and told us that he just wants to raise his kids in something good in this crazy world that we are leaving in, and they have 2 kids who are 7 and 5, also vilmas brother fabian is also a member and a really good guy, he has also been less active since he was a little kid, and he got into drugs amd alcohol but he told us he wants to change, that he knows its bad he just doesnt know how to stop, and we promised them that if they as a family study the scriptures as a family, keep the commandments, come to church, and all of the good stuff that their kids will be taken care of, we also talked about the atonement, and easter and it was great!! Then we had conference and it pretty much answered everyone of my questions i had. One thing from priesthood talked about a story of a missionary who had a pretty tough companion and he was just having a hard time to have patience with his compànion but he got an impression that in the lords eyes he wasnt much different than his comp but that the lord still loved him, that really we all come short of the glory of god, that really we are all just weak but “humble disciples willingly do whats required, learn resillience, keep trying, and do not give up. Humility helps us have patience with ourselves and with others who are weak too.” Really who am i to get frustrated with others for their disabilities and weaknesses when the lord loves me and helps me to  help them. Its a privilege to be have someone who the lord has put with me so we can help each other. My comp is from lakewood california and his name is jared ransom, he really is a great guy, and transfers are the 19th! Also just an update about conference here, the first session starts at 1 then at 5 then priesthood at 9 oclock at night, so its pretty good! Loving it here, hope you all had a good easter! Love you so much!
Elder Wilson

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