Our hands show the true direction of our heart…‏

I really loved the story of the painting, i was actually looking at that painting last night, and that has helped me alot. to find that thing that we know we need to let go of, even though it might be hard we know it will be better. I also loved the quote “she doesnt measure the cost of obedience.” It reminds me of what President said once, that if we dont learn obedience in the mission we will never learn it in our lives. I am grateful for these years of refining in helping me be a better me, the person the Lord wants me to be.  My new comp is elder ransom from lakewood, ca hes a good guy hes been out about a year. The gospel is so true! Also, this week i have tried to focus more on having lessons with members, and it is so great! I have been praying to how we could better help our investigators and of course the answer was right in front of me, lessons with members! Duh! Hahaha and i have felt the spirit so strong this week! Lessons with members help everyone really! The investigators because they have someone they know in the church, it helps the members to feel the amazing spirit of this work and how good it feels, and it helps us to have another testimony invite the spirit into the lesson! I am so grateful to be in Palmira another transfer, love the people here, and love you all so much!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

Excerpt of the letter his mom sent him re: the picture he speaks of – This weekend was Stake Conference. General Authority Gerald Garn spoke with us. He gave a talk about the picture of Christ and the rich young ruler. He talked about the picture and how we are a lot like the rich young ruler. (Matthew 19:16-26) We are good and we try to do all we can, but sometimes there’s just the one thing that holds us back. He asked us to interpret the picture. He talked about the left side being where the poor and needy were and the light was and how on the right side it was dark and everything was from man. And he also talked about the column of stone behind the Savior and how he is our rock. He asked us to look at the hands. I thought how even though the man’s body is turned to the Savior, his hands are pointing away from the light. I thought how that is like us sometimes. What are our hands doing? Are they busy doing good and showing the light of Christ in our hearts or are they lazy, or selfish showing how even though we are facing our Savior and going through the motions are we truly following him. Hopefully are hearts and hands are clean and in alignment with the Lord and his work. He also talked about his wife and how he admired that “she does not measure the cost of obedience”. I thought that was a wonderful statement. Too often, we rationalize whether we will follow something or not. “SHE DOES NOT MEASURE THE COST OF OBEDIENCE’. Something to remember!


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