Be Assertive

One thing we say on the mish is dont just invite, be inviting. And i think you and Dad are some of the best examples of that! WHen i would go shopping with you or when we would cook together, and we would just talk, about life, how i was feeling, things i needed help with, that is something i am so grateful for, because in doing that i grew closer to you, and you helped me grow closer to my heavenly father, But you also bring up such an important lesson that ive learned here on the mission as well, and i want jo and cole to learn while they are young! That it is okay to stand up for yourself! Ive learned that alot with my companion! He has helped me alot to be more assertive and to say what needs to be said! Before i would think it was better not to say what was on my mind or my opinion or what i knew was right, but really that does not help anyone! It really doesnt, sometimes we are nervous of how someone might react or that we might seem weird or rude, but one thing ive learned is that that is the fear of man, and that when we think like that we are not thinking about what our heavenly father thinks, and that is so much more important. So even though it may be awkward, or scary when we stand up for whats right, we stand with the Lord, and he will not leave us alone in our circumstances. Maybe some people wont like what we have to say, maybe everyone wont be our friend but in the cause of truth we must be strong and know that we are not alone! So all in all it is okay to be assertive!! Its true! So sorry nothing new yet, im running out of time but ill fill you in more next week!

Con mucho amor!
Elder Wilson

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