Don’t Just Try, Trust!

This week has been good, the Boyles are still here but they leave in 2 weeks, so i will definitely miss them a ton. But things are good, definitely learning to trust more in my heavenly father. So many times i just want to do things by myself or in my own way, but being on a mission has truly shown me the importance of doing all we can and putting our faith in the Lord. I love in Preach My Gospel where it talks about how our faith should be in Heavenly Father and not in ourselves. One time in the MTC my comp elder johnston and i were helping an elder who was having a hard time and he told us how hard it was for him to accomplish his purpose, he told us he kept trying and trying but nothing was working, and Elder Johnston told him dont just try, trust! Trust that one day things will get better, because things will get better, even if you dont  see the results right away, trust that the Lord is with you, because he is. This week has definitely been better, unfortunately Ruth didnt come back to church yesterday, but we did have a whole bunch of less actives! Some i hadnt even met before! it was such a blessing to see so many people, it was actually our turn to speak in sacrament and i spoke about the difference between testimony and conversion, and Elder Miranda spoke about the role of the Book of Mormon, it went well. Also many tender mercies this week we visited one of our investigators Lucas who is 20 and he is an awesome guy! Ivan and I actually found him one day on splits, but lately its been hard meeting up with him because he is a chef in San Martin which is like the next city over, but he comitted to be baptized but this week he told us now that his mom is a little unsure, so we are working with that. Also we are teaching a couple who we found trying to contact a referral, the wife is actually a leader of a pentecostal church but she is very receptive and actually prayed in front of us at our last lesson and prayed about how important it is for her to know the truth, also hermana keil wrote me, as missionaries in the same mission we are not supposed to write each other but she got permission from the President so yay! We talked a little bit about Papa and it just made me realize how blessed i am, as i look back on all the years that have led up to this point, i realize the Lord truly has provided for me in every way possible. And continues to do so. I am doing well, and hope and pray you all are too!  Know that i love you all so much!! And my heart is full!

Con mucho amor!
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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