Storm, Lights Out and Prayers Answered

We went to church yesterday and a less active named ruth came to church! She is very special, when me and elder gerard arrived we were told to stop by her house and we did but her husband yelled at us and said they were never going back, but yesterday with the help of the boyles, members and most importantly the lord she came, and she bore her testimony of the gospel, and the spirit that was there was so strong, one of the less actives that we have been working with was balling and said how grateful she was to feel the spirit so strong. I was so grateful for the spirit, and right now as i read the letter and the part about the mortuary, it made it so real because of the memories from Dads burial. I am so grateful for the spirit and the comfort it brings, i am so grateful for the confirmation that i know papa was recieved  by a very special angel and that they are working together in bringing forth this work. I am so grateful that the funeral went well, and i am so grateful for all of the tender mercies the Lord has given us. One here, the other day we had a huge storm that knocked out the lights in the whole city, the only things that could be seen were lights from candles and lightning, we were told it gets dangerous at those times because thats the perfect time to mug people on the street, so i said a prayer and we decided to call one of the 3 members in the whole branch who have a car, but he lives outside of the city, but within minutes he showed up with his son to take us home, i was so grateful for him and for the Lord fo taking care of us, thats one thing i am truly learning is that the Lord never ever leaves us alone. I am so grateful for him, so grateful for papa and dad who are among me nat cris, and iese in this work, so grateful for all of you, and i hope you are all doing well, please send my love to everyone and give grandma a big hug for me!


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