Tender Mercies

Here in Argentina I have been blessed with so many tender mercies. Definitely some amazing people who have been placed in my path. Ivan called me right after he got the video of papa and told me had something important to show me when i get the chance, theyve really reached out to make sure i have been okay, on Dads birthday i thought about dad and papa and the family, and later Sister Goates called on Thursday even though they were super busy with transfers and all of the new missionaries and training she took the time to call me and let me know how much she and president love me, and if i need anything to let them know. We also saw them again on Sunday at district conference because the branches here are not part of a stake but a district,  both President and sister goates pulled me aside to see how i was doing. So grateful for the people who have been there to help me along the way. Loved that papa chose count your many blessings, that helps me so much especially being on a mission at times its easy to get discouraged but there are so many tender mercies we receive everyday if we have the eyes to see them. We have been working a lot this week at simplifying and intensifying, the thing with a lot of people here is they like to talk a lot, but sometimes when the lessons arent focused t¡the spirit leaves it turns into just another conversation, but esp with Antonio we have worked to keep the lessons simple enough for him to understand but powerful enough for him to feel the spirit testify to him that it is true. Hes had a hard time at recognizing the importance of baptism even though hes told us he knows this church is true, but this past lesson we went over with hno Arenas from the ward and we talked about the plan of salvation and how the only way we can live with God and live like God is through the sacred covenants we make in this life. Hes been very contemplative as hes pondered these things and i can see the spirit really working with him, so hopefully well see some more great changes with him. Also we moved!! Our new pension is soooo much better and nicer ill send you some pics when i get wifi! But everything really is good here in the field, in my missionary manual i wrote the words of dad, “no matter where you go give the 100%” So grateful for Dad and his example not only on his mission but in his life, he truly did give 100 % in everything he did in family, his calling, work, there are so many testimonies of people who have been touched by his diligent example, so grateful for him and you mom, and for the entire family. Love you all so much, and please send my love to everyone especially papa and grandma at this time!

Con Amor,

Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson


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