Staying Another Transfer in Palmira

I pray everything is well with the family.  a little nervous to find out whats happened but right now i can definitely feel the spirit that i know everything is going to be okay. Because that is something Ive really learned this week that the Lord is aware of us and knows us. We had to plan an activity and Ivan was a big help. Thankfully the activity was a huge hit and the members loved it. We talked about working as a team, as a branch, to help uplift others and we also played some fun team building games. On Sunday, sister Boyle came up to me and told me that the activity was great. She then shared that she knows President Goates is looking out for me, but most importantly that Heavenly Father is too. As she talked, i could feel the spirit so strong because i dont know how but i know that dad has also played a huge part in taking care of us as we are here on our missions. The Boyles have been such an amazing blessing and im really gonna miss them so much because they leave at the end of this transfer. Speaking of transfers, me and Elder Miranda are both staying here in Palmira! Im excited to continue to work and to learn. This week were able to visit Antonio and we actually had a good lesson with him about the sacrament because he has had to leave before the sacrament meeting these past Sundays, and he stayed yesterday! It was so great, also we got to see two more less actives come to church that we have ben working with and also the Boyles. Also another amazing tender mercy we moved apartments! It is so much better! A little hot but it is great! Hope everything is going well, know that you’re all in my prayers.
Con Mucho Amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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