Vale La Pena (Loose translation “It’s Worth It”)

This past week has been so good! Antonio is doing well, he just had surgery on his arm so it has been tough meeting with him this week. But we did go on exchanges with the zone leaders and I went to their area with Elder Varney who is from Utah, he has helped me so much and I am grateful for the things ive learned. Here in Palmira we have been trying to focus more on finding new investigators, because we have a bunch of eternagators, but it was so tough as we worked and not much was changing. I was so physically and emotionally drained, that I went into the bathroom and prayed. I opened my heart to my Father in Heaven, and I sat there telling him that we need his help in this work here in Palmira, as I sat there I just remember feeling that everything would be okay. As we got ready to leave again, we said a prayer and decided to contact a referral we had received, as we looked for the house we decided to ask an older couple who was sitting outside drinking mate. They told us exactly where they lived. But we continued to talk to them, as we talked they began to ask us very good and profound questions, we bore our testimonies as we taught them of the Restoration, and went back and had another great lesson with them! They are actually members of the Pentecostal church but they have such a sincere desire to truly learn. Having the opportunity to teach them has been so amazing, because it has strengthened my testimony so much to know that our Heavenly Father listens to us and truly answers prayers, because it is so evident that these peoples hearts have been prepared! I cant explain how amazing it is to be on a mission, I am learning so much, and it is an amazing feeling to truly be a part of something much greater than all of us. As ive sat here i have read emails from friends and family in Pittsburgh, Tonga, Kiribati, the Phillipines, Samoa, Peru, Canada, Ecuador, Japan, and it fills my heart so much to know that only a few months ago we were all people doing what we normally do, but now we are all united in this work, the Lords work, that is something i dont think ill ever forget! Also this week received two more tender mercies from the Lord, two letters!!!! One from sister wallace and one from the ward! I cried (like always) as I read the messages form my family in the Garden Grove 1st ward! I cant express in words how much I love them so much! Im sure my companion is sick of me by now because of all the talking i do about you guys. I told him of all the temple trips we took and how we the youth had to work to fundraise the money. I told him how lucky i have been to have such an amazing bishop who has helped us.Cant believe new changes in the bishopric! But i know these men will do their very best to help the ward!  Also Sunday we had to speak in Sacrament, and President pulled a fast one and came and visited Palmira! After the meeting Sister Goates told me she knows that is Dad is so proud of me. I could feel the spirit was so strong after hearing those words. Because i know that Dad truly is proud of each of us. Jerry for studying to gain an education, nat for serving even though she doesnt have to, jo for stepping up and being the man of the house, coley for these years she has to truly learn and grow into the amazing young woman she is, Jake for stepping up and not being the baby anymore, and you mom for guiding each and every one of us. In the interview President told me to make sure I send his love to you and to let you know i am doing well, I dont know how but everytime i am with the Goates I feel like I am at home or I feel so close to them both for some reason. I think our families were really good friends in the premortal life! But I want you to know i am  tired, scared at times, but I am so happy. There really arent words to describe the mission, only its worth it. Vale la pena. Thank you  for all the help and love you continue to send me even thousands of miles away. Love you all so much!

Con Amor,
Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson

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