The Ultimate MTC

Elder Wilson & Elder Ah You

Feliz Año Nuevo! Cant believe we are officially in 2015! New Years was so great! We spent the day with Mario and Ivan and they made us some bomb Argentine food! Also that night it was hard to sleep because the firerworks were going off like crazy, but also I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited! My companion asked me if I was okay but I was just so pumped for the new year! The next morning I woke up so happy because I realized that this is the only full year I have to dedicate every ounce of effort I have to serving the Lord. A couple of months ago I dreaded this year because its a full year! But now I understand really how short this time is, and how blessed I am to have this time to share this amazing gospel! As I’ve looked back on 2014, I realize how much you, the ward, friends, and family have prepared me to be a missionary. The big things and the little things. In so many experiences, I have had growing up have helped me to truly dedicate myself these next couple years. The best preparation I was given was when I attended seminary, reading the Book of Mormon as a family starting at a young age, attending church, giving talks, going to Boy Scouts, making desserts for others, being with friends who encouraged me to reach my full potential, so many simple experiences that I may have thought were pointless or boring at the time, but looking back now I realized I entered the MTC long before I walked through the doors in Provo. 

This week has been great, we are already halfway through the transfer! Time is flying! Que loco! But Elder Miranda and I have been doing work here.  I have really started to grow a love for my comp and am learning to accept others idiosyncrasies. Hermana Harris from my district told us in the MTC to look for the good in others and treat them as if that is all you see! That has helped so much, because as I have been doing that I have truly grown to love those around me. My comp is awesome and we are learning a lot from each other! So grateful for this new year and this new start we have to stand a little taller, work a little harder, and to love a little more. Love you all so much and am so grateful for each and every one of you!

Con mucho amor!!!
Elder Wilson

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