Christmas in Argentina




It was so awesome talking to everyone on Christmas! After we said bye Mario and Ivan said that I was walking on clouds because of how happy I was to see you guys! Mario and Ivan truly have been tender mercies. Both of them love going with the missionaries and teaching. In fact Ivan and I found a family and taught them the first lesson when we were on splits and it was awesome! Christmas in Argentina is way different, the 24th is more celebrated than the 25th and usually people drink and have get togethers with friends, and lots of fireworks.  People give presents (very simple) but also the 6th is El Dia de Los Reyes where they put out there shoes in the doorway and someone stops by and leaves gifts and treats inside. The 25th we didn’t really do anything, we just went to Mario’s house and hung out there and skyped. Because everyone does the siesta here, all the members have dinner later in the evening. So if the missionaries have dinner at a member’s house and the member is able to accompany them home, then the missionaries had permission to be out until 11:45 pm. So everything is all good!

This new transfer has definitely been a growing week, my companion does not always like to get up on time, and study on time, so I have been trying my best to make sure that I am a good example even though he has been out almost a year. But he really is great I love him and have learned a lot from him. One thing that has actually helped was the quote in the Inspiration Book by Sister Collins, it said “This work is a work of love, love for family through sacrifice, love for ourselves through hardwork and diligence, love for those around us through service, and love for God through obedience.” That has been something I have tried to keep in the back of my head, that this time truly is not ours, this mission is not only mine. So even though somedays I don’t want to get up, it is the way we show our Heavenly Father that we take this seriously, that we want to serve him, if we cannot be trusted with the Lord’s time, we cannot be trusted to teach the people the Lord has prepared. My comp really is great, and we are definitely learning and growing together.

On Saturday, we felt like we should stop by Antonio’s house. When we got there, his door was broken and he had his head in his hands and one of his arms were broken. We asked him what happened and he said he had to go to the hospital because he had a bad fall and when he got back, his house was robbed. They stole his fan, his tv and other things. It was so tough seeing him like that, so we didn’t really expect to see him at church the next day, but like always, he arrived and he loved it. He says he knows Satan is working hard on him. We told him it’s because he is strong, because Satan recognizes his potential and doesnt want him to stop smoking or to be baptized, because he knows how great he really can be. That experience has definitely strengthened my testimony on how important it truly is to recognize when Satan is trying to make us miserable and why? Because we have potential to be like our father in heaven, for that I am so grateul for the Lord, for never giving up on me, for lifting me up every time I’ve fallen. I love this work and am so grateful for this opportunity! Love you guys more than all the Christmas lights that are still probably going to be up until February because some people are fobs!


Elder Justin Lototoa Wilson





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